This is our Group Training Program, which is primarily focused on getting our members fitter, stronger and helping them to shed excess body fat.

We focus on the exercises that are proven to help melt unwanted fat, blow torch stubborn fatty areas and improve cardiovascular endurance without the need for traditional boring forms of cardio.



This is our Strength and Conditioning Program for both men and women whose primary focus is to get a stronger, leaner and a more athletic physique.

Our primary focus with this program is to educate members on proper technique and to become more comfortable with Strength Training. 

We focus on the four big Power Building exercises:

Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press and Overhead Press, while adding assistance work to build muscle, burn fat and improve overall conditioning.


Imagine for a second...

…having access to information and coaches that can take you from where you are, stuck in the same place - to unleashing the real person inside you!


We’re going to give you our PROVEN Phoenix Success Roadmap System that can help you get crazy results, without starving yourself, training 7 times per week or needing any faddy supplements.

Not only that, you’re going to get GUIDED by our team EVERY step of the way too, to make sure you get the BEST RESULTS for you, with our new and revolutionised system!

Included in this Online Program:

  • Access to our Phoenix Success Roadmap Training System that has already helped 100’s of people transform themselves.
  • FULLY guided Training Sessions, three times per week we are going to help influence your body to adapt and change using our fully customised Two-Part Body Plan.
  • Access to our private and interactive Community - updated daily so you can be held accountable. Having access to like-minded people across the globe, who speak your language and who are as passionate as you are in achieving these results is an irreplaceable part of success!
  • Access to our Responsive Nutrition Plans - we believe in information ‘just-in-time’ rather than overwhelming you with information ‘just-in-case’. Our team will walk you through your bespoke, data driven Nutrition Plan to help you get the results you want.
  • We’ll transfer the ACCOUNTABILITY into your hands, so you have the POWER to sustain the changes you’ll experience, for good!

All of this delivered through our very own Phoenix Strength & Fitness App which can be downloaded to your phone.