Who We Are

Jay Naude

Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Personal Trainer (Jay Naude)


“I get a kick out of seeing people getting stronger, growing (personally and physically), and being better each day than they were the day before. Working with people to achieve their goals and walking with them on their journey to strength drives me to push myself further and to continuously explore new ways to support my clients and deliver results.

I have been doing MMA for 11 years with Bobby Karagiannadis from BJMMA. This keeps me sharp, calm and focussed. I enjoy lifting heavy and I love seeing others work hard too whilst having fun. I’m always up for a challenge. But I value and teach the importance of balance, fun and recovery as well. My other hobbies include music, reading (fantasy), learning and rock climbing.”

Jay has been a personal trainer in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. He has studied locally as well as internationally under some of the best coaches in the field.
He is a certified StrongFirst Kettle bell instructor (SFG Level 1), Certified StrongFirst Lifter (SFL), has a level 2 certification in FMS (Functional movement systems), Precision nutrition coach and is BioForce conditioning coach.

Jay works with a range of clientele with a variety of goals. These include people who want to look and feel better about themselves; improve their lifestyles, get stronger; improve their sports performance.

Favourite quote: “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.“ -Arthur Ashe

Accreditations & Achievements

  • MMA for 11 years
  • Fitness industry 10 years
  • Certified StrongFirst Kettle bell instructor (SFG Level 1)
  • BioForce Conditioning Coach
  • Certified StrongFirst Lifter (SFL)
  • Level 2 certification in FMS (Functional movement systems)
  • Precision Nutrition Coach

Alex Dias


Accreditations & Achievements

  • Personal Training diploma through Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA) and Health & Fitness Professional Association(HFPA)
  • TRX instructor
  • Business Management
  • SFG Kettlebell Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • Fitness industry for 13 years.

Alex has a Personal Training diploma through Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA) and Health & Fitness Professional Association(HFPA),TRX instructor, Business Management, SFG Kettlebell Certification and is Precision Nutrition Certified. He has been in the fitness industry for 13 years.

Alex specializes in fat loss, strength and conditioning, nutrition coaching, movement screening assessment, large group training and semi – private training.

While working as a Personal Trainer, he is focusing on doing his Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certificate and a SFG level 1 kettlebell certification.

He enjoys working with a variety of clients and thrives on their successes when they reach their fitness goals.

He enjoys listening to high energy music or hard rock to get through intense and fun kettlebell workouts. In high school he played first team cricket and he DJ’s as one of his hobbies.

Alex’s goal is to help clients to reach their fitness goals.  Ultimately he wants to change people’s  lives  so they can achieve a stronger, more confident and healthy body and mind.

Also-He enjoys his Marvel movies!