Push. But not to the breaking point

Avid gym goers tend to push themselves hard with training. It’s the ‘if I’m not broken then I haven’t worked’ mind-set that keeps us pushing ourselves harder and more often. That mindset is wrong. The quicker you recover, the quicker you can get back to creating a fitter you!

Pheonix strength & fitness have a few recovery strategies you could try

SLEEP: If you’re not sleeping well, your workouts and recovery will suffer. People with more body fat tend to sleep less than people with less body fat. Less sleep can increase chances of weight gain, glucose intolerance, and type 2 diabetes.

NUTRITION: Eating healthy gives your body the nutrients it needs for recovery.

Recommend serving sizes:
1 palm size serving of protein for ladies and 2 for men.
1-2 fist size serving of veggies, or at least ½ the plate.
1-2 cupped handful serving of healthy carbs.
1-2 thumb size servings of fats.

Post workout nutrition: Eating a healthy serving of carbohydrates after a workout will help with recovery, muscle and tissue damage from the training session.

HYDRATION: Being dehydrated is a big no-no, as it directly effects your performance and recovery. Check the colour of your urine, it should be clear to a light-yellow colour. If it’s dark, you need to get rehydrated!

FOAM ROLLING, SPORTS MASSAGE, MEDITATION: Foam rolling or Self-myofascial release helps with recovery. Other effective means include a warm bath with oils or salts, mediation, Yoga and Pilates and visiting a sauna.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: Pay attention to yourself regarding training. If you’re muscles are always sore, training makes you depressed, your performance has been slipping, or your sleeping too little or too much, then it’s time to incorporate recovery strategies into your training.

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