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Phoenix Strength & Fitness is about delivering results and helping people to transform, no matter what their fitness goals or training backgrounds are. Whether it’s about getting leaner, stronger, fitter or wanting to dominate your sport, Phoenix Strength & Fitness helps make these goals achievable and enjoyable.

If you’re a complete beginner, weekend warrior or even a professional athlete, we are all about getting results quickly and safely. We promote hard work, dedication and most of all, support from our Phoenix family members, while making new friends and delivering fast and effective results.

Phoenix Strength & Fitness is not just somewhere you come to train, it is a place where you can leave the stress of your daily life at the door and where you are welcomed like family by our coaches and members alike.



What We Offer

We are all about getting results and being committed to a fitness lifestyle that you’d actually love. Our broad range of services ensures that there is a program just right for you, ready and waiting to set you on your path to a life changing transformation! 


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These programs are for men and women looking to get fitter and stronger, as well as helping them to burn body fat. The primary focus is to accelerate results of those who are close to a specific goal...

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These training sessions will be with like-minded people, all looking to reach their goals while having fun! This approach to training often provides greater results...

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Have fun with fitness and see results quickly, without compromising your safety. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or an experienced veteran - we have a program for you! 

Phoenix Strength & Fitness also offers:
Sports Massage Therapy | Juice & Coffee Bar | Nutrition Coaching

What Our Members Say

Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Blake Andrew)

Blake Andrew


“Alex did an extremely impressive and professional assessment on me – testing everything from flexibility to weak areas, strengths, fitness and mobility.

Based on the results, he tailor-made a program for me to reach the start line of Comrades. We had little time (approximately 5 Months) to lose the weight and gain the strength and fitness required. What I loved most about Alex’s approach was how conservative and sensitive he was to the weak points, totally avoiding any injuries”.


Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Blake Andrew)
Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Carrie Minnaar)

Carrie Minnaar


“After only a year of training with Phoenix, I entered one of their in-house Phoenix Challenges. I went from never having deadlifted before, to pulling a 130kg deadlift (more than double my body weight), followed by 4 pull-ups and 105 x 16kg kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes. I realised that I had the strength in me to overcome any obstacles that life threw at me.

Becoming stronger was the best thing I could have done for myself”.

Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Carrie Minnaar)
Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Dani Pengilly)

Dani Pengilly


“December 2016 holidays were fast approaching and I needed my beach body – enter the Phoenix Body Transformation Challenge – a six-week training challenge complete with nutrition coaching – I signed up, added a Saturday group class to my training and embraced the nutrition coaching. Six weeks later I had lost 8kgs, 22cms and my body fat were down to 17% (I am 54 years old and my weight and body fat was down to the same as when I was 25).

I had my beach body and in just 6 weeks!!”

Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Dani Pengilly)
Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Linda Hall)

Linda Hall


“After a full assessment with Alex and lots of patience on his part and I suppose mine too (because I was impatient, wanting to get stronger and do more), I settled into personal training twice a week. I began my journey with Alex 4 years ago, in 2012, when I was 54 years old. I do weight training and have even deadlifted up to 1.25 x my body weight.

I have just turned 59 and I can attest to the fact that I no longer suffer from any back pain whatsoever, at any time of the day or night”.

Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Linda Hall)
Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Sunet Hansen)

Sunet Hansen


“I was still struggling to lose weight, but Jay was patient and kept on motivating me. At the start of this year, we set goals (that I was conveniently avoiding before) that I would like to achieve and I have now lost 19kg’s and I am in better shape than what I have been in years.

He is always up to date with the latest training techniques and diet trends and will always give me tools and ideas if I feel I am not losing any weight. Training sessions are never boring and Jay always does a variety of routines. He is also very professional and personable and I always look forward to my next session”.

Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Sunet Hansen)
Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Thandeka Madonsela)

Thandeka Madonsela


My clothes that were too tight for me are fitting me now. My body is much lighter and I am full of energy- “I think I can pull the wheel for a big truck” My self -esteem is back and I walk with confidence in front of people. I love what I see and feel. Feeling great. I have lost 5kg as at end of May 2017. Now weigh 85kg. Thank you, my Group Leaders at Phoenix, without your guidance and support I wouldn’t be weighing 5 kilos less.

I am still on my journey as I still have more Kilo’s to lose from this body. I know that I have the best Trainers at Phoenix and they will do the best to walk with me on my journey and meet my goal. “WATCH THIS SPACE”

Phoenix Strength & Fitness - Gym Member (Thandeka Madonsela)